I happen to be a fan of the idle click and wait style games. I suppose that it makes me feel like I’m actually getting something important done while I am actually wasting time.

Here is a screen shot of the game that shows the best base setup for the village level.

Idle Reactor Base set up for village.


This set up is great, I don’t have to worry about selling any power from the reactors so I don’t need to have offices. The boilerhouses do all the work for me.

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best kids gameThat is a tough question to ask. What is the best game ever? There are so many people out there who want to know this. It would be the solution to a lot of gamers dilemmas.

There is an answer, there is one game out there that everyone likes, that almost everyone has played and that no one can disagree is the best game ever. Well, I guess that some people could disagree with me and my dumb opinions, there are people who are generally disagreeable. I don’t like these people, but since they are capable of producing the occasional insightful thought, I let them speak.

The best game out there is a matter of personal choice though, there is one game to rule them all, but the games that you like the best will show people who you really are. What is in your heart and why you exist on this world. Your choice for best game ever is a deep psychological insight that no psychiatrist would be able to conclude by simply chatting with you. So congratulations COD fans, you are psychopathic killers and you have let the world know this. Good luck finding a job, you monster.

Are you a World of Warcraft player? It’s okay, you can admit it. Or are you a former WOW addict? It is safe to say that a disproportionately large segment of the worlds population played this game once in their life. They might have boosted their numbers, but when over 1% of a global population does anything together, it becomes a part of international history. Grats Blizzard.

What other games could be considered the best games in the universe? There are a lot of first generation games that when you look back at them you can not fathom being able to get any enjoyment out of their low res slow speed and terrible game play, but when they were new, twenty to thirty years ago, they were the greatest thing ever. Those oldies are what helped the gaming industry become bigger than the movie industry.

My opinion changes about the best game of all time so I wont even tell you what I think it is. This is because there is always a new game to play. Something that is so much superior than anything that you have ever played before. There will always be a new game to play. We are on the verge of the exponential growth of human knowledge becoming infinite. What this means is that no one can predict what the next fifty years is going to be like. My theory about future gaming is that you sit in a comfortable chair, put on a gaming helmet and experience the virtual world with the same level of sensory information the you experience the real world. Good luck with your gaming addictions then.

I still have not determined the best game ever because I don’t care. Games are just a distraction that is keeping you from living life to its fullest. Get out there and go for a bike ride, go sky diving, go kayaking, make love, drive fast and truly live. Gaming is a distraction. I have been using it as a crutch to escape my horrible reality ever since I was a wee lad. It is a sad and pathetic thought, but it is a real one. It is the truth. We all need to face the truth. The truth is that asking the question; What is the best game ever, is just as trivial as which episode of Jersey Shore is the best. Please don’t tell me that you actually like that crap. I know she was hot but did you really want hepatitis?

Gaming is something different to everyone. Some people love peace, some people love war, and some people love love. I personally love life, that is why the best game ever is soccer. So now get away from your life sucking gaming / entertainment devices and go outside.


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Minecrafr House AgainDo you have the time to play games? Do you have the time to spend the rest of you life playing video games? I used to think that I did. But now i’m in my early thirties and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Well, I guess I do have a very intricate knowledge about modded Minecraft and extensive experience playing World of Warcraft. I wounder if I could put those things on a resume? I could say that my engineering skill are honed through many years of creating castles, spaceships, nuclear reactors, laser weaponry, and resource processing factories.

I could also say the my ability to take on responsibility is second to none because as the main healer in my World of Warcraft guild, I oversaw the direct medical care of everyone. I was also in charge of training new healers in order to save even more lives.

If I was comfortable bull shatting like that on a resume, I could probably get any job in the world.

This article is about a career in video games though, so lets get on that topic. As a responsible adult, it is my duty to get a job, a car, a wife, a kid, and either pay rent, or pay for a mortgage. To those five things, I am going to NEED MONEY!!! Lots of money. Playing video games will not produce enough money for that. Unless, you are a successful YouTube gamer. The handful of guys at the top are reportedly making millions recording themselves playing video games. How awesome is that.

So YouTube gamers can make money, but there is only limited spaces for that, no everyone is going to be able to make that happen. How about game reviewers? Can they make a decent living from talking about video games? That is probably another profession that is hard to break into. You are going to have to be constantly making new articles and reviews. You are going to also need to be the best that you can be. You are going to have to submit your work to the various magazines and other publications if you want to get noticed and make that cash.  It would only be a freelance position though. You are going to have to be highly motivated to keep up with the pros.

Can you make money from working in a video game store? Yes, but it is most likely going to be minimum wage. It is a good starting place when you are 16 and just getting into the working world. You could possibly move up the corporate ladder and make a bit more money, working twice as hard as still being responsible to someone else. This sounds awful to me.

Are you willing to making video games? You are going to need a lot of specialized training on very specific tools in order to do this. Thousands of dollars need to be invested in this pursuit, but it will pay off in the end. You could even start up your own company to either dominate the multi bill;ion dollar world of gaming, or just keep an indie startup going until one of the big players in the game decide to buy you out instead of facing a bit of competition.

There are definitely other choices for a career path out there, but if you stick with a career path in video games you are going to be doing something that you love and it is not going to feel like work. So whatever your choices are, make sure that you always go after what you really want. Figure out how it is done, THEN DO IT!


This article has been written by some one who has decided to become a motovlogger. If you don’t know what that it, Check me out: Justin650

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Clicker Heroes YetiI was on the verge of labeling this post about cheating in clicker heroes, but then decided to just call it a guide.

It would be almost pointless to cheat at this game because there is a reward for doing absolutely nothing but waiting.

I find idle games to be an absolute waste of my time but for some reason, I keep coming back everyday to play more of this game.

So here is everything that I have learned about how to play clicker heroes in the most efficient way possible.



When you first step into this world you are going to just do one simple thing, CLICK!

It doesn’t get much easier than that. Once you have clicked your way through a bunch of monsters you will get the opportunity to purchase a character that provides DPS. If you didn’t know what DPS stands for, now you do. It means damage per second. This is the key attribute that you want to focus on throughout the entire game.

Now that you are able to recruit heroes that do the work for you, don’t forget to proceed to the next level. The next level has harder monsters to fight but with more difficulty comes more rewards. You will be making more and more money and being able to recruit stronger and stronger heroes.

As you get more heroes on your team you are also going to want to level them up as well as buy their special talents. The special talents are available at levels 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, and level 125. The game developers have quite the sense of humor so be sure to read the heroes stories and talents as you unlock them.

Congratulations! You have learned everything that you need to be able to progress in this idle clicker game. Now it is time to discuss the more advanced techniques that are available to you.

*BONUS TIP* If you want to purchase 10 hero levels at a time you can hold down the shift button while doing so. If you want to purchase 100 hero levels at a time, you can hold down the ctrl button while making your purchase.



There is more to this game than just buying and training heroes though. There is also the ascension system that is only available once you have gotten Amenhotep up to level 150. This resets the entire world that you just created and sends you back to the very beginning of the game.

I know that it sounds terrible and you are probably wondering why anyone would waste their time doing such a dumb thing but here is the answer. HERO SOULS.

Clicker Heroes Hero Souls


A hero sous is simply an earned form of game currency that is worth a lot in this game. It is acquired by purchasing 2000 hero levels, defeating every boss at level 100, 200, etc or you can earn them by finding rare primal bosses after the 100th zone.

Every hero soul that you own provides a 10% DPS bonus and a 10% click bonus. These souls are only applied once you use Amenhoteps ascension skill. With that in mind, the more hero souls you can earn before an ascension, the better.

Her souls are also used to summon and upgrade ancients.


Ancients are another way of upgrading your game play experience and improving the speed at which you can fly up the levels. There are many that you choose from, be sure to choose wisely because some are much more powerful than others. Here is a list of the ancients that you can acquire.


  • Siyalatas/Bonus idle DPS (25%/level up to level 10, 24% from 10-19, etc)
  • Libertas/Bonus idle Gold (25%/level up to level 10, 24% from 10-19, etc)
  • Juggernaut
  • Vaagur/Reduced skill cooldown (-5%/level, cap -75%)
  • Atman/Increased Primal chance (1%/level, cap 25%)
  • Solomon/Bonus Primal Hero Souls (5%/level, diminishes starting at 100%)


  • Mammon /Bonus Gold dropped (5%/level)
  • Fragsworth/Bonus Click damage (20%/level)
  • Kumawakamaru/Monsters to next level (-1/level)
  • Bhaal/Bonus Critical damage (15%/level)
  • Mimzee/Bonus Gold from Treasure Chests (50%/level)
  • Dora/Increased Chests chance (20%/level)
  • Dogcog/Decreased Hero cost (-2%/level)


  • Fortuna/10x Gold Chance (.25%/level)
  • Argaiv/Increased Gilded bonus (2%/level)
  • Isis/Increased starting zone after ascension (1/level)
  • Bubos/Decreased Boss Life (-2%/level)
  • Pluto/Bonus Gold from Golden Clicks (30%/level)
  • Berserker/Extended Powersurge (5s/level)
  • Energon/Extended Metal Detector (5s/level)
  • Chawedo/Extended Clickstorm (5s/level)


  • Fortuna/10x Gold Chance (.25%/level)
  • Argaiv/Increased Gilded bonus (2%/level)
  • Isis/Increased starting zone after ascension (1/level)
  • Bubos/Decreased Boss Life (-2%/level)
  • Pluto/Bonus Gold from Golden Clicks (30%/level)
  • Berserker/Extended Powersurge (5s/level)
  • Energon/Extended Metal Detector (5s/level)
  • Chawedo/Extended Clickstorm (5s/level)

Clicker Heroes Ancients

As you can see by this list there is an enormous amount of ancients that you can purchase. If you want to unlock them all, you are going to need 354161 hero souls and that is without spending any souls on upgrading them. So choose wisely and they will pay off in the long run.



There is another aspect of the game play of clicker heroes that should not be ignored. It is the random gilded heroes aspect. This means that once you get a randomly gilded hero their DPS will increase by 50% for every gild that they get. The random chest that contains a gilded hero is unlocked every time that you beat your best zone in multiples of ten, after zone 100. The gilding stays after ascensions and is infinitely stackable.

You were able to buy hero gilds with kongregate kreds, but with the newest update to the game, you are to spend 30 rubies to purchase 3 randomly gilded heroes.



A recent update to the game has seen the introduction of rubies. They are received randomly through clicking on eggs and can be purchased with kongregate kreds.

You can use rubies to buy 3 randomly gilded heroes for 30 rubies.

At the moment, that is all they are used for. It seems like it might be a good idea to save them until after the next update, but that is just my humble opinion.



If I had to rate this game I would rather not. That’s because it is actually a really good game for what it is. I don’t personally like idle games because it seems like a massive waste of time. With that in mind, I have still logged in every day for the past few months and played the game. It is only recently that I discovered that logging in and leveling up my heroes as quickly as possible makes this game worth spending a few minutes a day on.

The motivational gurus at ZapSmass.com you say that this game doesn’t provide any failure and leads to a lack of personal satisfaction through challenges and personal growth. I would still say that it is a brief moment of entertainment and relaxation.

So if you like the idle clicker games that are available online, I would recommend this one because it is one of the best that are currently out there.

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Dartcraft time torch working with magical crops mod.

Allow me to introduce you to an item called a time torch in the DartCraft mod for minecraft. It is a truly awesome piece of equipment that compliments Magical crops perfectly.

Instead of waiting for my crops to slowly grow and wait for what seems like an eternity for them to become a useful resource, the time torches make them grow in seconds. It is truly incredible.

These time torches are not easy to get though. You are going to need to upgrade your infusion altar to tier three to get them.

I looked all over the internet for how to do this but I couldn’t find what I needed to know. So with that in mind I have decided to create this little guide to let you all know exactly how to get time torches in the dart craft mod.


Step 1. Make yourself an infusion altar – This is just an enchanting table that is placed beside a force rod in a crafting table. You are also going to need to power that altar. I have seen a lot of folks using force engines to do this but I just connected mine to the power grid and it worked fine. It requires mj so make sure that your system is capable of transferring that particular power source.

Step 2. If you hit the “?” button in the infusion altars user interface you will see a list of blacked out items. You are going to have to unlock two pages of those before you can get your precious time torches. I have made a little cheat sheet below here so spoiler warnings a head.

Step 3. Each one of those items represent an enchantment that you can put on a dartcraft item. Here is the list of what each one goes with…


  • Force Nugget – Force Sword – Knockback
  • Claw (Bat) –  Force Bow – Punch
  • Sugar – Force Armor – Speed
  • Force Log – Force Axe
  • Lapis – Force Shears
  • Fortune (from cookie) – Force Pick
  • Force Pack Upgrade – Force Pack
  • Flint – Force Pick – Grinding
  • Snow Cookie – Force Sword – Freezing
  • Bottle Of Enchanting – Book – Enchanted Book

Step 4. Once you have all of those completed you are able to craft tier three dartcraft items. Congratulations you are now able to enchant a force torch with a clock to receive the mighty time torch.


I hope this guide served you well because if I found something like this online I would have saved myself hours of frustration trying to figure out that the snow cookie did not need powdered glass .


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FTB mad in Skyblock MapI have finally done it. I installed Skyblock into the FTB mod pack.

It is easier than you could possibly think.

Here is a step by step breakdown of how to do it your self.

  1. Find your Minecraft folder in your computer. Mine was buried in my PC under my username which was not shown until I clicked the show all files option.
  2. Your FTB folder should be in the same area as your Minecraft folder, open it up.
  3. Find the folder of the modpack that you will be using, open it up.
  4. Create a new folder called “minecraft”
  5. Create a sub folder called “saves”
  6. Put your skyblock map file in the “saves” folder
  7. Launch the game, use that same modpack and have fun

This set up is what worked for me and I hope that it works for you too. Once you have closed your folders and started up the game, you might notice that the folders that you have just created have disappeared, don’t panic, your game isn’t completely lost. It is still in there somewhere. Just don’t ask me where, because I don’t have a freaking clue.

P.S. This is a bit of an advanced challenge so please come crying to me for help and advice.

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So I just tried this little games called geo guesser. It is kinda fun and I am the advantage of being brilliant, so if you want to take on my score, bring it.

The idea of the game is that google maps just randomly drops you anywhere in the world and you have to figure out where you are.

Here is my Score on my first try: http://url.geoguessr.com/4rni and although I did get lucky on one of the rounds, the rest is all me.

This is my top geo guesser score.

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I know that this site has been empty for quite a while and I am truly sorry about that.  There has just been far too much to do lately and I have so many other sites that need my attention.

I have just posted a video about World of Tanks on YouTube if anyone is interested in watching. It really shows just how bad I am at video games. I should really leave the internet and do something worthwhile with my life.

Ya right.

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Hi there.

This is my introductory and welcoming post to the new site. I am planning on making as much information as I possibly can about all the games that I encounter in my journeys around the internet.

I do have a YouTube channel and want it to be in conjunction with this site as much as possible. YouTube.com/GamesnBrains

My reviews will be honest and more importantly than that, I will be trying to make them funny. My humor is kind of sick, so bear with me while I take you all on the journey that is my life in video games.

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